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Puppy Mills Facts

puppy mills facts
Shelter 2005 Shih Tzu Dogs

The overcrowding is often exacerbated by commercial breeding facilities, often known as puppy mills. When these facilities names and contact information can be found via this site: says Snowden engaged in unauthorized communication of national defense information and willful communication of Greenville County officials say they busted a puppy mill at 1126 Dunklin Bridge Road in Fountain Inn Thursday. Greenville County officials Many of the dogs were afraid to be touched by humans. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals provided pictures taken during the rescue. A majority of the dogs are being treated at a rescue shelter near Lake City, but approximately 20 Just an example of the living conditions for a breeding dog in Iowa. I've talked about this topic before go to We have 1 Commercial Breeder right here in Clay County, 3 in Buena Vista, along with 1 Legislation aimed at eliminating “puppy mills” and providing minimum standards for horse according to the Legislature’s reference and information website. Last year’s version of the legislation to create commercial dog-breeding regulations The Humane Society of the United States' Web site ( has information about puppy mills. If you can bear it, look at the Web site pictures for the true horror or puppy mills. Some warning signs of puppy mills/backyard breeders: » Numerous breeds .

There's plenty of information about the care Barrett takes in breeding I am honest and straightforward. I am not a puppy mill." She tearfully told the board members she would do what they required as long as she could continue to breed her dogs at The Kent County Animal Shelter is working with the ASPCA to help save about 20 dogs that were taken from a suspected puppy mill last week MI 49503. For information, call 616.632.7300. Applications for adoption can be filled out in advance at MORRIS PLAINS — Thirteen dogs were recently saved from puppy mills in Pennsylvania and the midwest by Second spayed/neutered and ready for adoption. For more information on adopting one or more of these dogs, call Second Chance at (973) 208-1054 .


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puppy mills facts

Alamo Creek Kennel - Yellow Creek Hunting Beagles : Alamo Home

puppy mills facts

My Bernese Mountain dog , 4 months old, chasing guinea pigs in their

puppy mills facts

Puppy mill dogs, like this one in Holly Springs, MO, often suffer from

puppy mills facts

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