Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fur Real Puppy

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A trendy Marc Jacobs jacket advertised at a popular northeast retail chain as having “faux fur” used real fur from a type of dog native to Asia, an animal rights group has claimed. An undercover investigation at New York Century 21 stores led by The The Humane Society of the United States and New York State Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal, who created New York State's 2007 fur labeling law, made the discovery after an undercover investigation and laboratory testing. In September 2012, investigators Century 21 carries fur products by Marc Jacobs that an independent Humane Society probe found contain raccoon dog fur. It's a faux fur fakeout — Marc Jacobs jackets being sold at Century 21 department stores actually contain dog hair. A later investigation by the F.T.C. resulted in no action. In 2008, when the Humane Society discovered raccoon dog fur misidentified as fake fur on several coats sold at Neiman Marcus and other national retailers, it sued the retailers. In 2010 found that animal hair is frequently being labeled or advertised as fake animal hair. In some cases, Marc Jacobs coats sold online were described as having "faux fur" lining, but turned out to have labels indicating the lining was "100% Chinese raccoon". Dog fur found in coat calamity A twist in the Humane Society's claims is that retailers are misrepresenting faux fur. In fact, the fur sometimes came from an animal known as a raccoon dog, a distant relative of dogs that strongly resembles a .

Burberry coats sold at Neiman Marcus and other retailers, pictured above, used real raccoon dog fur instead of "faux fur" as advertised. Why should consumers care that fur comes from a raccoon dog? To the Humane Society, which has documented numerous NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – An undercover investigation has found some “faux fur” labeled clothing by Marc Jacobs and other brands sold at Century 21 department stores actually contain dog hair or fur from other animals. The Humane Society and when they were actually real fur, including raccoon dog. In China, raccoon dogs are often skinned alive for their fur. Undercover footage of Century 21 employees caught them trying in vain to find any fur labeling on the garments. The Federal Raccoon dogs are being skinned alive in China for "faux fur," the Humane Society alleges. Turns out the faux fur on fashion designer Marc Jacobs' clothing may not actually be so "faux" after all. According to a new report from the Humane Society .


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fur real puppy

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fur real puppy

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