Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Andrex Puppy

andrex puppy
Golden Labrador Puppy

When even the cutest puppy on TV loses its job then you have to say it's a dog's life. The Andrex talent scouts were clearly unimpressed by the cuddly canines who attended a recent audition to find a replacement for the iconic bounding Labrador The playful Labrador retriever, which has been a fixture on screens since 1972, has received a “21st century makeover” in a new multi-million pound advertising campaign. Kimberly Clark, the global lavatory tissue company behind the mascot At the birth of each of my children. Drugs were involved. Pretending to be an andrex puppy with my mouth full of toilet paper, or being nude body-painted at an office, or the time my skirt fell off on an escalator in front of a philosopher I was With his wide head and short curled ears, he’s a little ball of muscle attached to a face found at the far end of the andrex puppy scale. Smudge is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier – the breed of dog more likely seen on the front news pages under a ‘dog Unfortunately, it didn’t end up with the right solution. However, has Andrex learnt more from "scrunch or fold?" than it would have done by running another puppy campaign? Definitely – not least that the nation isn’t wild about discussing how it ONE DIRECTION are fresh out of bog roll after caring for this litter of Andrex puppies. The lads posed with the mutts in what will surely go down as one of the cheesiest magazine covers of all time. It’s so bad it could easily be mistaken for a parody. .

Consumers always say they're immune to TV advertising, but how many people - how many of you - subconsciously reach for Andrex because of the puppy on the TV? This is a tough one for developers, too, because people may not always know what they want did he win a competition or something? is he Bento’s brother in law? cause he is about as threatening as the andrex puppy” Toilet roll thieving canines aside; it is peculiar that Portugal – for all the brilliant midfielder and wingers they have their puppy love. Where? On the cover of Wonderland Magazine, the obsession issue November/ December 2012. Verdict? The cosy Christmas pose complete with fluff and Andrex pups, what are the boys trying to tell us? 1D are not just for Christmas? Are they ‘He left a voice message on my phone, and two-and-a-half years later I still play it and go…’ she points at her iPhone, which has a photo of her puppy on it twice about her recent gig – voicing Andrex’s Be Kind To Your Behind campaign .


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andrex puppy

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andrex puppy

Andrex Ad

andrex puppy

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andrex puppy

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