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CLEVELAND (AP) — A cat caring for four newborn kittens is nursing an orphaned week-old pit bull puppy in Cleveland. The staff decided to place Noland with the nursing cat and her litter because bottle feeding doesn't always work. The puppy will grow CLEVELAND (AP) — A cat caring for four newborn kittens now is nursing an orphaned week-old pit bull puppy in Cleveland. Sharon Harvey of the Cleveland Animal Protective League said Wednesday that the nursing mother cat, named Lurleen, welcomed Noland the There are a lot of cats and dogs out there that love anything to do with water. Take this puppy for instance. She's more than happy to dive head-first into a kiddie pool and investigate a goldfish, but she has to do it with some semblance of Raleigh, N.C. — North Carolina first lady Ann McCrory urged lawmakers Wednesday to take sporting, field trials or show" or "are being kept primarily for purposes other than the sale of offspring as pets." Saine said the bill's "narrow approach Health officials released a picture of the puppy. All the pups in the litter looked similar and had black, brown and white markings. The person who sold the puppy is a white male in his early 50s, approximately 6 feet tall with a medium build, red hair and A puppy stolen from the Luzerne County SPCA in Plains Township was recovered by city police Tuesday in Hazleton. The theft happened June 13 and was reported to Plains Township police, Hazleton Police Chief Frank DeAndrea said. As officers from .

Precious was vomiting and unable to hold up her head or walk The puppy also had an injury to her eye, either from direct trauma to the eye or increased blood pressure due to strangulation. Palmer on Tuesday was ordered to pay $753 to She spoke in front of the Governor’s Mansion, standing between the bill’s two main sponsors, House Republicans Chuck McGrady of Hendersonville and Jason Saine of Lincolnton. McCrory introduced two “special guests,” Ernest and Ricky Bobby This week Lifeline Puppy Rescue has 26 puppies available for adoption and they're all pretty irresistible. There are boxer mixes, German shepherd mixes, great pyrenees mixes and more who are looking for their forever homes. Lifeline will also be A harried ADMITTING NURSE speaks to a bandaged mother cradling her wailing baby. ADMITTING NURSE (grimly): I'm sorry play pattycake with visiting grandchildren. A KINDLY OLD MAN WHO IS, LIKE, A RETIRED NEUROSURGEON PROBABLY? .


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